Very basic newbie question on installing the H100

I'm just fiirst time indtalling the h100, my question is - Do I have to plug in both the molex connector and the 3 pin to power up? or only choosing one between 2?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Hi Yes you need to connect both; However ill detail it for you

    The molex is for power only, the 3 pin is for speed control you will wanna connect that to your cpu fan connecter near you cpu or you might have issue starting your computer depending on bios settings.
  2. thank you for the answer.
  3. Just to be sure, it doesn't matter which cpu fan connector I use right? as long as it is on the mobo?
  4. Check your motherboard book for the correct connecter I sould say it for the Cpu fan in the book. In all honesty it really don't matter but some bios will shut down the computer if its not connected just to make sure you don't blow it up.
  5. Use the one you would normally use for the Cpu fan,
    this will allow you to keep an eye on it through bios and hardware monitor
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