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Guys I'm gonna do the bsel mod for my cpu as my G41 motherboard can't overclock from the BIOS
I have an intel pentium d 930 3GHZ
I woul like to know how to do this exactly,is there any disadvantages before do that!
Anythung you know about is highly highlyhighlyhighlyhighlyhighly :bounce: :pt1cable: APPRECIATED
So please let me know!

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  1. I can't se any disadvantages other than you cannot really fin tune this overclock method, it either works or it does not.
  2. Will it break my MB or CPU
    What would i need to do this
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    It carries the same risks as normal clocking, especially once you try the voltage mod,
    watch temps, test stability, and accept the possibility of catastrophic failure as well as a successful outcome,
    yes it can damage your Cpu or mobo but any overclocking has the potential to fry components,
    only you can decide if the risk is worth the gain, but if you do it, and are successful, enjoy :)
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  5. Thank you for B.a. man,
    enjoy your exploits and post a new thread if you want to share the story of your adventure with others who are thinking about this
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