How to reformat hard drive from bios

I have an Asus P5Q SE/R motherboard and I was wondering how to reformat the hard drive from it's bios.

I cannot get onto my OS at the moment possibly due to corrupt files. I would like to put off buying a new hard drive if possible.
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  1. Set up bios to boot from CD. Put your OS CD into drive and start computer.
    If you see a message press and key to boot from CD, prees the space bar or some other key. Carefully view the options, delete the partition when the option is available. Then create a new partition, and format prior to OS installation.
  2. I did all that and when it boots from CD it just saying "Loading Windows" and then goes to the standard windows loading screen and then I get a black screen. It never loads the user selection screen and it won't boot from CD either. I'm kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place here.
  3. New development, I get the background from the install Windows program. But nothing happens, I've left it for about half an hour loading now and noting.
  4. Does bios see your Hard drive and ram?
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