Windows cannot complete the format

i'm using dual core with xp,sp3 desktop pc
at first my primary xp volume is in drive c
lately i delete that c partition and then recreate
and then i install same os on drive d
after finishing installation
i can't format the drive c showing an error msg windows cannot complete the format
i tried to remove the partition from disk management but format and remove options are in grey color
disk check is showing no errors
can you pls help me.
how to format my drive c
i'm facing start up hanging problem now, it takes 3 or 4 restart's to get my pc back online
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  1. So, D is where now your Windows is, right?
    I guess U must have some remains of the old installation in C, that's why U get startup problems.
    Try by cmd.

    Start>Run >type cmd and press enter.
    type format c:\ /Q

    (q means quick format)

    Or if U can't inside Windows, try by Recovery console, but U need to boot from the xp cd , and press R when cd loads.Type password if you have one, if not just press enter, selec your installation, and type

    format c:\ /Q

  2. yeah i tried its saying invalid drive specification
  3. in computer management c drive is showing system partition but currently i am running os in drive d
  4. Do you still have a Windows directory in your C or is the drive clean?

    I would try "outside Windows", a few things from recovery console:

    For the weird c as system partition try a fixboot, fixmbr, or a bootcfg (for D) ; for more info , see here:
    Because if your pc considers C as system it's very logical it won't let you format (not "inside windows" anyway!)
    On recovery console it asks you to type Windows instalation. It is likely that it will display two of them. c and d , then select d and format the c.

    U can also give a chkdsk /f /r then a format as I described earlier.

    inside Windows, you can:
    you can check in Startup and recovery (System properties>advanced) if you have two xp listed and see what's set for default.
    Also check the boot.ini file

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