Can i overclock my CPU?

So i'm interested in overclocking my CPU. I'm wondering can i overclock my Intel Core i3-2120 3,3GHz. So is it possible to get like 3,5GHz or something? And i don't know how to overclock, so do i need some programs or something? I have the ordinary heatsink with 3 fans.
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  1. 1) That chip isn't locked. The only way to overclock is by changing the BLCK - doing this can and will fry your entire motherboard.

    2) NEVER use a program to overclock your CPU, and never let a motherboard do it for you. They have a nasty tendency to over-volt, which will again, fry your computer.

    3) You need an aftermarket heatsink to overclock, since overclocking produces more heat than normal.

    That being said, if you do overclock in the future, do a LOT of research first. It's a delicate process that requires finesse - if you go in there willy-nilly, you're going to break your entire computer.
  2. you can increase the bclk to 103 -105 in the BIOS but it can damage your RAM and make your gpu unstable since both use that for the basis of their clock speed also (edit: actually the PCI express for the gpu). and even if you do get away with it, the performance gains . . well there really won't be any.
  3. Ok thanks, i think it's better to not overclock now. I wait for a better MB, CPU and CPU cooler.
  4. Such a small overclock will barely affect you, and at risk of your entire system meeting the makers isn't something you'd want.
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