Dell GX280 sound problems

Hello, Onboard sound chip died, replaced it with a Turtle Beach sound card after going into bios and turning off the onboard sound, Windows came back with a Code 32, I researched Code 32 on the internet found that if I turned off upper limits in regedit that would stop the Code 32, it did, now Device Manager shows the sound card as working and enables BUT not started. How can I start the sound card?,
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  1. go to services.msc and start it from there.
  2. Been to services.msc, Windows Audio is Started and on Automatic
  3. New update:
    Since the Turtle Beach card was used when I got it, I removed it and the drivers and bought a new Rocketfish 7.1 sound card, installed according to instructions & same problem as the Turtle Beach. According to Device Manager the sound card is working properly and enabled, but when I click on the Properties tab next to the General tab and click on Audio, MIDI & Mixer I get: Driver is enabled but not been started. This is getting very frustrating, I do not know how to get Windows to turn on the drivers. I need some real help here.
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