High Idle CPU Usage

I´ve noticed that my CPU cannot idle below 15% recently and with speedstep enabled it always runs at at least 3.6 ghz out of 4.

This happend the same day as that recent windows update so it might have something to do with that, would there be any other reason my idle CPU usage is high?

The process that is using 15% at idle is a svchost, and I´ve clicked ´Stop service´on every service connected with that process to no avail however there are 3 processes I can´t stop so it might be those.
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  1. could be a lot of background processes.. does it really matter with a 3.6 quad core though?

    Probably is windows update anyways
  2. It wasn't.

    I unplugged the mic/headphone jacks that come with my keyboard and go into the computer, and the CPU was back at idling at 0%
  3. odd... would not expect that... was it USB audio?
  4. No idea lol
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