ASRock Z77E-ITX cooler in bitfenix case around $60?

Want to use this board:


in Bitfenix Prodigy Case

and air cool an overclocked i5-3570k

Problem is that none of the air coolers I've found to fit this board take advantage of this case's airflow... as most only fit dimensions of stock cooler.

Looking for a tall cpu cooler that has a fan pushing towards the case exhaust and doesn't block the pci graphics card. Quiet preferred! And pwm fans if possible. Low profile ram is fine under it.

Tnx for any help!
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  1. okay I found one!

    COOLER MASTER Hyper TX3 RR-910-HTX3-G1 "Heatpipe Direct Contact" 92mm CPU Cooler
    $23 :D

    Looks like best option is a 90mm fan length upright block style cooler pushing air in direction of the exhaust fan. Owner said it doesn't conflict with the graphic card on Z77E-ITX !

    *Noctua makes one same materials and dimensions, the Noctua NH-U9B SE2, but the packplate doesn't fit.

    Overall I'm expecting this setup to promote great for airflow in Prodigy case because there is an unimpeded wind tunnel from the cool air intake at the front to the exhaust at the rear of the case (exhaust is directly above and graphics card is directly adjacent to the cpu) getting all fresh air for the cpu cooler from the front pushing towards the back case exhaust only.
  2. Hey Newguy9000 ,
    How did the Hyper TX3 work out for ya? Did you have to mod anything?
  3. disavow said:
    Hey Newguy9000 ,
    How did the Hyper TX3 work out for ya? Did you have to mod anything?

    Got it just waiting on few more things like psu, and case. Will let you know how it works out hopefully middle of next week :D
  4. Working great over 1 week so far! No mods needed to install (it has no backplate). Looks like there's room for my graphics card when i get one.

    Installation was a little tricky because it took some time to sort out the orientation of the locking mechanism of the feet i'd suggest trying to find a video online that shows this because you really have to push down hard to get this thing installed and want the feet locking thingy turned correctly. I setup the fans in bios to run at around 30% unless cpu temps get over 60celsius and everything runs extremely silent!

    Its winter here and the ambient temps are about 15Celsius. Stock case fans running at reduced speed (silent). My 3750k (non-OC) idles around 28C, around 30C normal light use, and under heavier daily loads maxes at 50C. Running prime95 over 1 hr max core temps range from 58C-62C. I restarted my temp monitoring program after half an hour and min temps were from 44-49C bye the end of the full hour.

    When summer hits I'll likely bump the TX3 fan speed up and invest in beefier case fans but for for now its fine go for it!

    *NOte. my average max temps seemed to drop around 5C after running prime95 for half hour+ and i think this is from the thermal paste settling
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