Smart Response Tech or SSD&HDD?

So i bought my hardware, and it includes a 750GB Caviar Black HDD and a 120GB Force GT SSD. I also just found out about Intel's smart response technology on the z68 motherboard chipset(which is what i got). Well i was going for the SSD&HDD setup where i put my OS and a few other things in my SSD and the general storage in my HDD, and now that i found out about smart response, i'm wondering whats the best setup for me? can i mix them both?i also need help on how to do it...
PS.this is my first build so talk to me as if ur talking to a baby :ange:
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  1. Personally I would skip the Intel SRT drivers, do your Windows 7 install with only the SSD attached and having set the bios to AHCI, then attach the HDD after OS install so that your SRP has to be on the SSD. Put the paging file and most program files (other than the most often used) on the HDD. Disable system restore and indexing on the SSD.

    Optimize your SSD using a good guide like this :
  2. Ok thank you so much, i guess ill stick to my original goal. BTW if i bought a lets say a 32GB SSD, could i set it to "SRT" the hard drive only even tough, im using the OS on my big SSD?
  3. You could, but IMO it would be a waste of money. SSD caching isn't really that helpful, especially when you have a nice size OS SSD.
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