Dual gts 250 vs single gtx 280

i got 2 systems i can get, one will have 2 gts 250 1 gig cards on sli, the other would have a single gtx280 1 gig, whats better?
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  1. As far as performance comes both setups hover on the same ladder but getting a single gtx 280 would read you of issues with sli compatibility , heat and power consumption.
    Best of luck!!!
  2. Two GTS250s will be better than a GTX285, let alone a GTX280. A GTS250 is equal to a 9800GTX+, which in turn in about 15-20% better than a 9800GT.

    A GTX280 is equal to or slightly outperformed by two 9800GTs in SLi. So two GTS250s would blow a GTX280 away.

    As for issues of power and heat, the GTS250s will produce more heat and use up slightly more power, but the GTX280 is an older 65nm card and is power/heat inefficient compared to either a GTS250 or a GTX285.

    So in terms of heat/electricity vs performance, the 2xGTS250s will win. And in games that are not SLi compatible, a single GTS250 would be more than enough since they're going to be older games.

    Get the two GTS250s!
  3. hi just here with the whole gts and gtx , i have a gts 250 and a gtx 280 would it be possible to sli them???
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