Extreme III with SSD (SDD missing in BIOS after install)

My new system:

Asus Extreme III mobo VIOS 1005 (latest from Asus website)
Asus GeForce 470 graphics cards in slot 1 and 3
Ozc Revo SSD 120g in slot 2 (PCIex4)
2 WD 1TB 6g/s SATA3 drives on mobo 6g RAID
6 Seagate 1TB 3g/s SATA2 drives on mobo 3g RAID

Installed Win7 on SSD with 6 seagate drives disabled in BIOS
System boots fine. Can see 6g/s SATA RAID drive.

Enable the 3g/s mobo RAID and the SSD is no longer visible in BIOS. Is not listd in storage manager. Not available in boot sequence.

Disable 3g/s mobo RAID and the SSD comes back in both lists in BIOS. Now can't boot to Win7. Win7 repair to fix.

Tried various things and can not get the BIOS to see the SSD when the RAID 3g/s is avaiable.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. ^ Sadly not uncommon with SSD {OS + Apps} & RAID 1 {Data} configurations. Often a byproduct of MOBO issues with Intel ICH10R. Also, if your trying to run anything above RAID 1 or 0 with > 2 SSD/HHD/HDD forget it, and RAID 5 never or it'll be slower than a dog IF it works with a SSD at all.

    Solution - Dedicated RAID Controller w/battery backup. Also, you SATA3 Controller HDDs will have no benefit running on a SATA3 they'll never hit the >300Mb/s SATA2 limit. Also, any SATA3 RAID Controller will cost a bundle.

    Recommend - Adaptec 5445 - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816103100&cm_re=adaptec_raid-_-16-103-100-_-Product
    Specs -http://www.adaptec.com/en-US/products/Controllers/Hardware/sas/performance/SAS-5445/

    Good Luck!
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