Matshita dvd ram uj890as specifications

How much data or "Movie space" is on this DVD drive? It appears that it can only BURN 3 HOURS of a movie. The file sizes from other MOVIES are around 4GB but appears that "Hours" are a limitation" to this drive OR IS IT -->
Windows 7 64 bit using
Windows live movie maker on Lap Top.
What are the drive specifications for Burning?
The media is 4.7 GB
My TV Burner can create 6 Hour Movie recording!
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  1. Your problem has nothing to do with the drive.

    How many hours that can be burned depends on the type of DVD that you use and could also depend on the software you use. Maybe you're using freeware and you can't burn more than 3 hours unless you buy the software.

    Also, the quality of the movie being burned would affect burn time.
    If you burn at 480i you can probably get 6 hours; if you burn at 720p or 1080p you'll probably get 2-3 hours.

    You might also want to buy blank DVD media that's labeled "DS SL" (Double-Sided Single-Layer); they have the capacity of 9.4 GB.
  2. The limitaion is 150 minutes using Mocrosoft Live Movie Maker and their DVD Maker. That's it. I did purchase software that will make movies on a DVD that is longer tham 150 minutes.
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