Newegg no longer selling spinpoint f3s?

Hey everyone,

I went to buy an additional spinpoint f3 from newegg this morning and both capacity drives have become inactive on their site. Does this mean that they are no longer selling them? I'm pretty disappointed since I returned the last one (wanted to shop around for a lower price) and now I can't buy one from them at all.

Any one know the reasoning behind this?
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  1. The 1 TB isn't on there anymore. The 500 GB is still there.

    I think it might be because they couldn't keep them in stock. Or Samsung might be renumbering them. I don't really know, as they didn't move the item to a deactivated status, which might mean they'll be back eventually.

    I have no idea what's going on. They might be renumbering them or changing something...
  2. You have any suggestions for another reputable retailer online that has fast shipping I could get the 500gb flavor from? I see this on Amazon, but it doesn't say anywhere that it is a spinpoint. Just a SATA II drive? Am I getting the same thing?
  3. Yeah im sad, i was just getting to order one, and it dissappears :(
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    That is the same model (HD502HJ).

    Check ZipZoomFly and TigerDirect. If you don't want to buy it from Amazon and the other places don't have it, the Seagate 7200.12 is a good alternative.
  5. Man that sucks. I was going to pull the trigger this morning.I guess I don't need a 500Gb Hd. Whats the deal with Amazon? Bad place to order?
  6. No, I just don't typically buy hardware from them. Usually when I order stuff from them, I find it sitting outside my front door. Which it's like 0 degrees F right now with 9 inches of snow, so that wouldn't be a good idea. Of course, that might just be the delivery service's fault...
  7. any Ideas on a 250gb hd
  8. I wouldn't get one. The benefit of the 500 GB drives (at least the F3s and Seagate's 7200.12) isn't just that they're bigger, they're also a lot faster because of the larger platter size. Typically, they aren't that much more expensive than the smaller ones too.

    If you can't find a F3, the Seagate 7200.12 is a great substitute, especially for gaming.
  9. I have good luck with Amazon, but then again, I'm friends with my delivery guy. He always takes care of me. I just wanted to make sure its the same model.
  10. Even Amazon is saying 3-5 weeks for shipping. It looks like I'll need to get the Samsung 7200.12. I hope it turns out to be a good drive like the spinpoints.
  11. That's Seagate 7200.12. Different companies.

    Both of these drvies feature 500 GB platters, so they perform about the same. The Samsung just barely edges it out...
  12. Yeah, seagate, that is what I meant. Sorry, I was looking for the Samsung as I was typing that. I can be pretty unaware sometimes.
  13. I ended up just ordering the 1TB off of Amazon, since that should ship sometime this coming week. Thanks for all the input guys.
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  15. Awesome. Now I can start recommending them again...
  16. Yeah, got the auto-notify yesterday. They are both back in stock. Too bad I'm still waiting on Amazon to ship mine. I could still have one from Newegg already.
  17. they went out of stock again already lol.

    The only one left is the 1T edition for 89 lol. Maybe they wont be making 500g platters anymore?
  18. wow that is nuts. Snooze you loose LOL
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