Overclocking Bulldozer on a low-end motherboard

I have a 970A-DS3 motherboard paired with a FX-6200 and I'm considering an overclock. Any advice out there if I'm safe to give it a go with this motherboard?

I've read some negative stuff on mosfets, and apparently the mobo has a lower TDP rating compared to the CPU. However, the FX-6200 is on the motherboards supported list which makes me think otherwise.

Arctic Pro Freezer 7 (CPU Cooler)
750W OCZ Fatality PSU
GTX 660
2 X Sata HDDs
Wireless Network Card, etc.

Any advice, much appreciated.
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  1. I would not push hard with that board and CPU.

    Run some stress tests and not the voltage. Then bump the multiplier and use a negative offset to bring your max voltage back down to the voltage you notes at stock speeds.

    Keep bumping the multiplier and bring the voltage back down to stock until you get unstable.

    Then back off on the multiplier a little and leave it.
  2. I've ended up undervolting my CPU from 1.36v to 1.33 on the stock multiplier of 3.8ghz.

    I couldn't really get anything stable adjusting multiplier beyond that. Even 3.9ghz at 1.38v crashed within 20 minutes of a Small FFT Test on Prime.

    At least we've got the CPU running a little cooler. Thanks for your help.
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