System crash

I ve just build a new system.

maximus gene II
4gb memory
ati radeon 4890
850 psu
windows 7

And it crashes every 2 hours. Black screen appears. When rebooting a red highlight messege
says that my hard drive is not detected , "please select a proper boot device". After second reboot windows loading normaly. Temperatures are fine.

Any suggestions?
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  1. what you need to do is take another Hard drive and put it in the machine. at this level there are only a few things that can cause this kind of a problem. if the computer has the same problem with a different hard drive you know it is a problem with the motherboard. if that is the case then i would just RMA the board. if it fixes the problem then there is either a problem with your install of Windows 7 or your Hard drive has issues.
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