CPU + FAN not working

Hi there.
This problem started yesterday.

Before I begin, here's the Base Specs:

Mobo : Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4
CPU : Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4ghz
RAM : Kingston 800 Bus 4GBs (1GBx4)
GFX Card : XFX 9800GT 512mb DDR3

I took out everything day before yesterday and cleaned it, everything, properly, no haste!
I plugged in everything. I Cleaned up and placed everything on the table and turned all the plugs on the extension on.
Everything started up (The System Fan, GFX Fan, HDD & Power LEDs, Optical Drive, PSU Fan) except the CPU Fan. So there's NO BEEP, NO CPU FAN and NO DISPLAY.

When I power off the system, the CPU Fan jerks and stops again.

I have NO Idea what to do :S I cannot loose this rig right now as I have some projects to complete.
I've already halfway through got the stuff for my Core i5 rig, but right now I have no extra money to get the rest of the stuff.

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  1. bump...

    try checking whether your CPU is properly placed in the socket. No heat sink paste spread on components.
  2. As suggested, try re-seating the CPU while checking that none of the socket's pins are broken or misaligned. Also, strip the system down so only essentials are connected - CPU, 1 stick of RAM, and the video card. Leave everything else disconnected and see if it will POST.

    As for the CPU fan, check it's connection to the CPU Fan header on the motherboard and make sure there are no bent pins. You could also use another fan header to power it. Try the other 4-pin header by the bottom PCI slot. If it won't reach that one, use the 3-pin one above the memory slots. If it still won't spin, give it a little tap with your fingers to see if it's just stuck.
  3. @zipzoomflyhigh : Yeah, I plugged in both correctly. I will go home now (At office), and check out the heat sink paste. As of last night, my mobo is on my Mobo pack and bare! Only the PSU was connected and the CPU Heatsink + Fan!

    I'll try it with the RAM and GFX card as well.
  4. Hi.
    I've tried everything that was suggested.

    I removed the Mobo out of the Chasis, put it on the box, plugged in 1GB RAM, Plugged inmy GFX Card, plugged the CPU fan in the 3 pin switch.

    When I turned it on, the CPU fan started spinning, but again, NO BEEP, NO DISPLAY.

    Also, is it IMPORTANT that the heatsink is TUCKED in the Mobo holes for the CPU to work? Not really right?! Cuz 2 pins are broken!
  5. I had something like that once actually. Apparentely my bios went corrupt.

    look in the manual for your motherboard on how to reset the bios. (using some litter jumper, and removing the board battery)

    clear cmos clock, realtime clock.

    something like that!

    good luck.
  6. While not necessarily crucial to whether or not the system will run, the broken pins can have an impact on how well the HS/Fan makes contact with the CPU. This can then have a further impact on the HS/Fan's cooling effectiveness.

    So, just to get things straight, you've got it setup open-air with the CPU, 1 stick of RAM, and the GPU installed, yet it won't POST...

    Did you inspect the CPU socket's pins to make sure none were broken or bent? Try the memory in the remaining slots, or use another DIMM until you've tried all 4 DIMMs in all 4 slots. Meanwhile, check the GPU and DIMM bus connectors and the motherboard slots for dirt/debris. Maybe after opening it all up and cleaning it, something got stuck on/in them. If you've got it, blast each slot with canned air thoroughly.

    To clean the bus connectors of the GPU and DIMMs, you can use a pencil eraser. Gently rub it along the gold contacts, making sure to do this away from the motherboard so no bits of eraser fall into it. You could also use high-grade isopropyl alcohol (80% or higher) and a lint-free cloth (or coffee filter) to clean the bus connectors on the graphics card and DIMMs themselves.
  7. I resetted my BIOS. Checked the Processor Socket for the pins, tried my other GPU, tried all the RAM slots with all 4 DIMMs, cleaned up all the mobo again. STILL WON'T POST! :(
  8. considered that your board is just dead? CPU burnt out? PSU not powerful enough?
  9. I'm considering that!

    Are you sure that that's the case?
    It MUST be the CPU right? Cuz Mobo is working just fine?
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