What are you guys using to cool your Ivy Bridge?

I'm getting close to using the Hyper 212 EVO. It seems like the standard, and I don't want to spend $90 on a cooler.
Any suggestions that aren't water or close to $100?
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  1. Hyper 212+ EVO ...You had already answered your question.
  2. I figured, I was just wondering if there was anything else.
  3. Sure but IMO the only other Air coolers that compare are between $65 and $90 ...BTW..With a chip as nice as the 3570K it deserves to be water cooled ..a nice kit like the XSPC RASA RS 240 is only $130.00
  4. I don't want water in my case. I thought about it, but I want to stick with air.
  5. Yeah thats cool it is just my opinion...
  6. I appreciate your input, for sure. I just won't be going super crazy with my overclocking, so I figured I could avoid water cooling.
  7. NP...I water cool everything especially nice chips....even if not OCing...LOL
  8. Ya water would be cool, but I could see myself getting out of control with it lol
  9. Crappermaster has been found to be willfully dishonest in competent technical reviews. I cannot recommend ANY of their products, no matter how good. Fortunately, they have competent competitors. For example, Frostytech found that the Xigmatek Gaia cools better than the Hyper 212+, is within a degree (e.g. the error margin) of the Hyper 212 EVO, and is quieter than either one. I have two of them, one on my IB, and one on my Phenom II. They work well, and I don't hear them.
  10. I could care less about noise. My computer is strictly for games and is loud as hell.
  11. Personally I like the Thermalright All Copper but that is just my opinion isn't it...I currently use Noctua and Thermal Right Cooler for air...But they are pricey....The 212+ and the EVO are proven real world performers whereas the Xigmatek cooler is inferior to them in the real world...My 212+'s and EVO's will stomp that Xigmatek..Proven in our shop through massive benching and OCing....Real World.....beats reviews any day of the week
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