How to overclock my i7 920 and my G.Skill 2Ghz RAM on Sabertooth?

Hello guys, i have Sabertooth X58 and i7 920 D0 revision, my ram is G.Skill Sniper 2GHz CL8, but i use it in 1600 CL9 . How to overclock the procesor to 4.1GHz (he can do it, i have tryied) and memory on 2Ghz? I dont have much experience with X58, they have QPI that i dont know what is and i know that the voltage above 1.5 can kill the CPU... Can someone tell me the right values (qpi, voltage, fsb, multipliers, etc.) thanks and sorry for my bad english :whistle:
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  1. No we cant give you all the correct details, Because no 2 cpu are identical. overclocking the CPU to 4.1 never seen that but 4.0 or 4.2 yes your gonna have to fallow the guides. as for memory there a multiplier in you bios but as you overclock your cpu it will have to be adjusted. Fallow the guides there no quick and dirty way.
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