I5 AI suite II OC puzzling phenomenon

A question of interrest.

So i recently build my very first computer. A mini-ITX with:
- Asus P8Z77-i deluxe MOBO in the Bitfenix prodigy case
- i5 3570k CPU with the Corsair H100 cooler
- MSI 660 ti Power edition
- 2x4gb corsair vengeance 1600Mhz ram
- Seasonics 620 80+ bronze
- a samsung 830 SSD for bootdrive + storage

I am by no stretch of the imagination a seasoned OC'er. So I downloaded AI suite II --> hit the extreme button --> and make a cup of coffee while it did the CPU OC'ing and stability testing. It ended at a 103 base clock with x48 multiplier. Now here's the funny part:

1. I haven't done a 24 hour stress test, but after a 20 minute prime95 stress test the CPU is stable at 41 degress celcius. However - when I open borderlands 2 my computer crashes right away! If I turn the multiplier down from x48 to x47 the problem is gone. Vanished.

2. So turning the multiplier down by x1 solves the problem. And that's really not a problem. 4.841Mhz OC is very satisfying to me. But when I reboot --> BAM the multiplier goes up to x48 again. :(
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  1. Go into BIOS and turn the multi up to x47 and leave everything else on auto...Uninstalled AI Suite immediately... when turning up the multiplier...Make note of Vcore after booting up...Reboot go into BIOS and enable manual control and set your vcore to one step below the auto vcore reading that you took note of...test it out...Use CPU-Z to get the vcore reading...
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