Installing a graphics card question about cables

i plan on buying either a 9800 GT or ATI 5770 for my Dell XPS 420 in the near future,

my question is the power cables that come with them, where exactly do i plug these cables into? the motherboard or do they extend to the power supply?
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  1. psu
  2. Usually, the cables that come with a video card are just adapters (probably 4-pin to 6-pin) in case your power supply doesn't have the right connections.

    With any luck, you will just need to plug an existing 6-pin cable from the power supply directly into the card and not need any of the cables that came with the card.
  3. ah so id plug the 6 pin into the video card and 1 of the wires hanging from the PSU should have a hook up for the other end of that wire yes? (if there's not already a 6 pin hanging from the psu)
  4. Yea, either your PSU will have the 6-Pin Connector and you can go straight from the PSU to the card, or you can use the adapters packaged with the card and plug the adapter into the Video card and the other end into the applicable connector coming off the PSU.
  5. Correct ! - THe one that comes with the video card is a molex (power connector that is also used by your Ide devices etc.) on one end and a 6-pin power plug on the other that goes into your video card - if your PSU already has a 6 pin you will not need to use the cable that comes with the video card. Also with the 5770 you will get a Xfire connector which you will not use unless you are using 2 video cards and a DVI to VGA adapter that you willl not use unless your monitor does not have a DVI connector. - so most of the hardware will not be used unless you have some older hardware that requires the adapters !
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