Watercooling #2 :D

Ok so I'm becoming a hassle.

I was going to use the extra money on the GPU but i think i have come across a Watercooling kit that cannot be passed up. It's the XSPC Rasa 750 RS240 Universal CPU Liquid Cooling except the rad, for the rad i want to buy either




All for the price of a brand new H100 (2nd hand ^ kit ofc). Think i should go with this deal? would the pump be good enough in the rasa rs 240?

EDIT: I plan to put everything in a NZXT phantom 410 (or something else that can do P/P without mods and relatively cheap)
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  1. I'm running a Rasa RS 240 on my AMD machine and I like the system. At the price you're saying, it becomes an excellent deal - one I wouldn't pass up
  2. I love my RASA ....I use the RS240 as well...No need to buy anything else the RASA kits include everything you need
  3. Rasa is a fine block on the low end of the top blocks out there most likely do to flow restriction on the internals.

    But as you can see were all the mx-2 tim are with in 4 degrees of one another.

    My personal would be to go for the ray storm kit.
  4. Rasa RX240 kit started my loop, make sure the pump is a X20 750L V2 The V1's were noisy and had issues, and I'd go for the Ex360 over the Black ices,
    one dollar more than the 240 you linked and more cooling
    Crossflow rads can be tricky to live with and don't offer too much in return,
    If its a starting point for your loop then grab it, I'm certain you will expand in due course and saving a few quid/dollars is always nice, it leaves more cash for other things
  5. Everything I'm buying will be 2nd hand, the rasa kit was bought last year and the black ice is still newish (1-3 months) but both were not used at all. So this "set" is all i can get, since a new one would be double the price and anything better than the rasa will be 3 times more expensive than a h100.
  6. Go for it then :-)
    If options are limited you have to work with what you can get, its still a perfectly acceptable loop
  7. Indeed....That is a good little setup with the black ice rad...
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