Is this good memory?

is this good memory?

I have 2gb (1stick of that ram) and was planing to get another 4gb =6gb is it good memory?
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  1. No - Steer clear of Patriot.

    Use either Certified {via MOBO} or Tested {via RAM Mfg}

    Good companies: {Corsair, G.SKILL, Mushkin, Kingston, and Crucial}
  2. :S What shoudl I do with the current 2gb ram? if I get different brand ram won't they be different ? can they be used together? (if so what ram do you recommend?)

    note I'm planing to get a new mobo together with the ram (lga775)
  3. Never mix DDR unless you REALLY know what you're doing. Find the EXACT DDR P/N and buy it - IF {PVS24G6400LLK} is what you already have then buy somemore.

    Windows 32-bit {2GB Min/4GB Max} and Windows 64-bit {4GB Min/MOBO Max}.

    I listed the best of the DDR Mfg, if you want post your MOBO model # and I'll list both Certified {via MOBO/XMP} and Tested {via RAM Mfg} DDR. Certified is required for XMP to function, but is no big deal.
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