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I am having a hard time trying to decide between the Crucial M4 and the OCZ Vertex 3, i've read some poor reviews about the Vertex but that is has good speed. And that the M4 is reliable but is slower. I was wondering if i could get your opinion on the differences if there is any.
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    Are you concerned about synthetic benchmarks or real world performance? I hope you are concerned with real world performance. If that is so, then there is very little performance difference between modern ssd's.

    The synthetic benchmarks are called synthetic for a reason. They are not real. They do not accurately reflect real world performance. Instead they are used to grossly exaggerate minor differences that could not normally be observed.

    If I could only choose between the two, then I would choose the Crucial m4.
  2. ^yep. You'll never be able to tell the difference, and the M4's historically more reliable. The Samsung 830's also a great choice.
  3. I went through the same decision process - went with the Crucial M4 128GB.

    - Vertex 3 has a much faster write speed but since most SSDs store the OS and essential programs, you don't expect to (or want to) be writing much anyway.

    - Their read speeds are close but you won't see the difference in real world use as JohnnyLucky noted.

    - The Crucial M4 is highly regarded for reliability.
  4. I personally have both the Crucial c300 and m4 64GB. Neither have exhibited any problems as of yet under Windows or Linux.
  5. ^sounds like this article:
    Anecdotal evidence isn't evidence for anything. All these drives have return rates under 5%.
  6. Very true.

    It only proves that my 2 drives haven't died yet. ;)

    I cannot comment on the reliability of the Vertex 3, because I don't have one ;)
  7. kajabla - the link you posted is an article about testing power supply reviews.
  8. Trufax. Just pointing out that "neither has exhibited any problems yet" doesn't work as an argument in favor of tech products.
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  10. What good is speed without reliability?

    As far as reliability ..... few brands have escaped the BSOD issue, and Im not aware of any brands where it persists.
  12. Jack - Crucial did fix the problem and issued a firmware update in a timely manner. The update did more than fix the issue. It also boosted m4 performance.
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