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the 64 bit version seems to have a lot of problems in getting drivers for printers. any solutions?
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  1. Check makers website for updates, as no make or model is stated we have no idea which one you want.
    But if it's a general question then I would say if the maker indicates no drivers will be available, you can either upgrade the printer, or dual boot to an OS that supports it.
  2. W7 comes with a small set of hardware drivers on the DVD, when asking to install printer, make sure you have an active internet connection and use Windows Update, never failed me yet to find a driver and the install as if you have it on a local disk.
  3. Just to amplify, the "Windows Update" mentioned here is a button on the "Add Printer" dialog, not something that will automatically happen through the normal update procedure.

    Windows 7 seems to have a very comprehensive collection of printer drivers, better than previous versions, but inevitably some older equipment won't be supported directly.
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