MSI 870A-G54 No Sound?!

Today after playing a music file my computer started lagging, so I checked the cpu usage and it was over 40%! I thought that a restart would help so I did. Windows took a very long time to load (45 seconds or more) now the sound does not work and I hear a pop coming from the speakers randomly.

I have tried a different set of speakers and I get the same result.
I checked device manager and everything is enabled and working properly according to windows.
The front panel output gives the same result.
The speakers do work on another pc with no problems.

This pc was recently built with all new components:
Windows XP
AMD RANA 440 Triple Core @ 3.0Ghz
4 gb G.Skill DDR3 1333 Memory @ 1.5v
eVGA GTX 460
Antec Neo ECO 520W PSU
Zalman CNPS-10X Performa PC Cooler
MSI 870A-G54 Mobo
WD Caviar Black 640GB HDD

I am wondering if this sounds like the sound died on my motherboard and if you think that I should just get a sound card or replace the mobo entirely?

Please HELP!
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  1. ^First in RUN MSCONFIG and select Diagnostic Startup; if this resolves the issue then begin Adding additional items.
  2. Still having same problem. Also I have recently just installed and uninstalled Norton Antivirus. I ran a registry cleaner and Disk Optimizer. I thought Norton was slowing it down so I uninstalled Norton. No problems prior to having Norton...
  3. Next, in the Device Manager uninstall all items listed [+] Sound, video and game controllers then restart. If that fails open Control Panel | open Sound and Audio Devices & verify that you {e.g. Realtek} is the default AND Sounds | Windows Scheme -> change to Windows default.
  4. Still having same problem.

    Is there a chance that my speakers may have shorted out the sound on the mobo. Yesterday when playing music i was getting some weird bass sounds and pops. I just remembered this.

    Also, these Speakers are about 7 years old, Harman Kardon HK695's, and I have had some problems with them recently where one of the speakers will not output sound.

    I am getting the feeling that this is what has happened.

    With that being said would you recommend getting a new sound card or replacing the mobo?
  5. Last chance, D/L and try to install the Realtek Audio driver {verify your MOBO} -

    HT | Omega -

    HT | OMEGA STRIKER $89 -

    HT | Omega has less "problems" than Creative and their drivers + sound quality cannot be beat.

    Alternative, RMA MOBO. The recommendations I give "uninstall" was best to eliminate registry errors by reinstall + rewriting registry. However, if it were "me" - by "Windows took a very long time to load (45 seconds or more)" - I also would try the following:

    Clear CMOS BIOS
    System Restore {prior to problem}
    Last resort reinstall Windows - clean.

    I have seen this type problem before, and either cleaning Windows {reinstall} or replacing the MOBO was the "solution." The long start time concerns me the most.
  6. I agree, even without sound the long start time concerns me the most as well!

    The long start-up time is as follows.

    Prior to issue: 5-7 seconds on Windows Loading screen, then a quick blank page flash, then onto Windows login screen. Click name and bam windows is started. All under 20 seconds.

    After No Sound Issue: 25-30 seconds on Windows loading screen, then 10 seconds of blank screen, then a timer, then finally the login screen. Click name and another 10 seconds and windows starts up. Total of 45-60 seconds.

    3pm: Everything is good
    4pm: Install Norton Antivirus from Comcast (free)
    5pm: Ran Norton Registry Cleaner and Disk Optimizer
    7pm: Hear strange noises while gaming/playing music

    11am: Play music on winamp, notice the visuals lagging, close winamp and check cpu usage to find it over 40% and fluctuating between 30 and 50%
    11:10am: Uninstall Norton Antivirus because I thought it was slowing down the pc. 1st try at uninstall failed, 2nd try was successful.
    11:15am: Restart PC and experience NO SOUND and a very slow start-up time.
    11:30am: Self diagnostic; i.e. switching speakers, trying them on different pc, checking drivers etc.
    12:15pm: Posted in this forum for help.

    I am going to install a fresh copy of XP sp3 and see if the long start-up time and no sound issues persist. This will also ensure there are no registry errors and all drivers are current and have not been corrupted by anything I (or Norton) may have done.

    I will update a.s.a.p.
  7. Looking at "5pm: Ran Norton Registry Cleaner and Disk Optimizer" .... Is it an old copy, and if so possibly incompatible with XP SP3 {just an idea}

    Q - Can you perform a System Restore prior to 8-19-2010?

    I've seen registry corruption make NIC & Sound "disappear" completely from the Device Manager. I am "hoping" it is only a registry problem - I know it's a PITA!
  8. xp blaarrgg

    msi blaarrgg

    bios issue (not enabled), software issue (muted etc), driver issue (not installed), or hardware issue (faulty) - take your pick
  9. ^ went through all that, on-board sound is a rare H/W issue. Unfortunately, the registry is about all that's left.
  10. After uninstalling Norton (Current Version) all of my restore points are gone. Only 8/20 is available, and unfortunately that point is after this issue started.
  11. Best answer
    Well there'a always PLAN P {Pixie Dust}. Again, if it were me I'd reformat and reinstall XP, you can try Windows F8 repair -

    However, F8 may require apps to be reinstalled.
    Microsoft {just in case} XP SP3 ISO -

  12. Thanks for the help Jaquith, I cannot complete the reinstall until Wednesday morning due to work. I will update again Wednesday.
  13. After fresh install of XP everything works.
    Sound works and startup is fast and smooth.

    The only thing I can think of that must have caused the issue was the failed attempt at uninstalling norton. I believe it corrupted the registry and files associated with windows, sound, etc.

    Tx for the help!
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  15. ^ Glad to hear! On the bright side everything is fresh!

    Take Care!
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