Problem getting my computer to start after being off for a while

Good evening every one. Ive been experimenting lately with my computer and over clocking and I've run in to a problem I can't figure out. I've read most of the guides I've found and understand the basics of what I'm doing. When ever I get a decent speed OC going (3.8+ for my i5 760.) I experience problems getting the computer to start up after sitting off for a while.

Last night I used the settings
185 blk
1.3 vcore and 1.3 IMC to get a 3.9 ghz speed

My idle temps were about ~40

I passed 20 runs of IBT and 5 hours of OCCT where the peak temps I got were 71 degrees on 1 core.

In my opinion this is pretty stable and the PC is running great.

I've always had this problem and thought maybe it was my power supply (which died last night) so I wanted to replace it with my new corsair TX750 but it still does the same thing. I shut down the computer through windows and left it while I was at work for 10 hours. When I got home and tried to fire it up, the fans and HDDs would spin and the lights would be on for 20-25 seconds but not monitor signal or anything. Then it would turn of for a few seconds and then try again. The only way I can get it to reboot is to remove the motherboard battery and go to default settings.

Anyone have any ideas? This seems kind of dumb for a computer that runs otherwise pretty much perfect while OCed. I know I could just leave it on but that's kind of impracticable to not be able to shut it down in case I wanted to move it or lan somewhere.

Here are my specs:
P7P55D-E LX Mobo
i5 760 Cpu
8 Gigs gskill 1600 mhz
Corsair TX-750 PSU v2
2 WD 1 TB HDDs 7200
h50 Cooling
5 case fans
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  1. I had this problem and posted a long time ago about it and someone recommended changing the CMOS battery.. why would they do it. Someone also asked about my ram voltages. I had them at 1.5 because thats what it says it was rated it. Should I run them higher?
  2. Im also running 4x 2gig ram sticks
  3. Anyone have any ideas? Im thinking it has something to do with my MOBO, Ram, or bios settings are those speeds
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