9600GT 512Mb or 9600GSO 1Gb?

Hello guys,
I just need your help regarding choosing a graphic card.
I hv two options:

1. 9600GT 512Mb (256 bit)
2. 9600GSO 1Gb (128 bit)

The GSO is cheap as compared to GT.

I think that the future games will need 1Gb video cards so GSO would be better.
Please help, would be appreciated.
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  1. The 9600GT is faster. Basically, that 9600GTO is a crippled 9600GT. The old 9600GSO was a crippled G92 chip (9800GT) and was generally on par or just below a 9600GT, but of course it used more power.
  2. 9600GT
  3. What abt the heating of both the cards?

    Is 9600GT a quick heated card?

    Would i hv to place any cooling agent to keep the temp. down?

    Thanks for your replies:)
  4. No. Those cards don't heat quick.They have a cooler instaleed on them which is enough to keep the temp in control.

    Get the 9600GT.It is a better card .

    Don't let that 1GB fool you.Both of those cards aren't fast enough to utilize 1GB RAM.

    I mean there will be no significant performance difference if you compare 512 vs 1024MB on those cards.
  5. Okay.. Thanks alot! =]
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