4850 driver resetting

This problem has just been killing me and I've been working on it ever since I built this setup back in September.

I get "The display driver AMD display has stopped responding and recovered successfully."

It wasn't too bad for awhile, but today was the first time it ever did it continuously while I was playing WoW. It must have reset 10 times in a row before I forced a reboot. It only does it when I play games. Which consist mainly of WoW and CoD:MW2. I have played other games including Half Life 2, Crysis, Quake 4, CoD4, StarCraft, WC3, Diablo 2, and others..all which have crashed at some point.


Windows 7 Professional 64bit

AMD Phenom II X2 550 Processor 3.10GHz

4.0GB (2 x 2GB) G.SKILL Ripjaws Series DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666)


XFX Radeon HD4850 1GB 256-bit GDDR3

case and psu -

Sometimes it will reset once and be fine, and I can continue playing, but sometimes the screen will just go black and act like the monitor is off, forcing me to hard reset it.

I've tried so many things and even talked to tech support for xfx and all he did was suggest a few forums to look through and I found nothing that worked. I'd really like to get this problem solved as I dont have money to buy a new card.

oh and I always keep my drivers up-to-date. current is 8.690.0.0

and I dont use CCC because for me it just causes more problems.
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  1. does NOBODY have ANY idea about this? just today whenever I even open WoW it resets multiple times and i somehow managed to end the process before it froze for good.
  2. MB9023,

    I'm having the exact same problem. A few weeks ago, my brother was up here, he wanted to play COD5 and GRiD...which I haven't played myself in a while. He played them both, and at some point during both games, the computer just shuts down. no warning or nothing. So i thought maybe it was the games, i deleted them and reinstalled them...and no luck. so then i thought it was a windows glitch or something. I reinstalled windows, and now i'm getting the "The display driver has stopped responding and recovered successfully" bit. I'm not sure what to do, i've read elsewhere that it's a hardware issue...but i hardly believe that could be the case. I take good care of my equipment, and i've never (except for PSU's) had hardware failure. I know the Power Supply isn't at fault, because i just spent good money on an Antec Earthwatts a few months ago.

    What i don't understand is how my computer can go from running just fine one day (Playing Dirt2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta) and now it struggles to handle COD4...

    Perhaps it is a hardware failure...i'm not sure. I think an upgrade is in the near future anyways, but i want to know that my stuff is fine so i can sell it on ebay or build a computer out of old parts n' sell it...

    I also have a (ASUS) Radeon 4850 Graphics card...

    Any advice is appreciated.
  3. I hardly think it could be a hardware problem when it's only during 3D applications that don't even cause a heavy load on my machine
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    I've been having the same problem as you guys. Pretty similar shoes: sapphire 4850, e6400 @3.1, 4gb ddr2, win7 64bit pro. I've tried anything and everything, but games and the desktop randomly crash and/or reset with the "drivers recovered" error. I reached a conclusion that my video card has to be the source. In doing some extensive research, I believe a vrm has been corrupted in the main board. I confess to having pushed the card through ccc but it was always properly cooled, the frequency was never pushed to an extreme and it was adequately supplied with optimal power flow. These cards are notorious overclockers, but i guess i pushed it too hard. Fortunately, my card is warranted and I am in the process of having it rma'd for a replacement. If anything transpires within that time relating to a solution to our problems, I will no doubt post it on this exact thread. I recommend you guys contact your manufacturer and see if it can be replaced as well, for insurance. I wish you good luck in your search for a resolution.
  5. I still have no answer... I'm RMA'ing my card. Hopefully that fixes the problem.
  6. Borrowed an NVidia Quadro FX 3700 from my work and I STILL get the same error. (with nvidia drivers instead of ati, of course). I guess the problem can't be the card.

    Ugh, extensive testing here I come.
  7. I'm led to believe it's a problem with driver compatibility. It is after all a driver resetting error..I think ATI and Nvidia need to get this fixed.
  8. Finally received word that my card tested Faulty, will update again once I receive my new one and do some testing.
  9. Discovered that the problem is not with the card. It has to be a RAM or mobo problem
  10. I am facing the exact same problem as you guys...
    Specs -
    Motherboard - MSI 890GXM-G65
    Processor - AMD Phenom2 X2 550(black edition)
    Graphic card - MSI R5670
    RAM - 2 + 2 GB
    PSU - 460W Coolermaster(extreme plus)

    I play for hardly 10 min and then the screen goes reappears with low resolution and colours...then again after abt 10 seconds monitor turns keeps on going until the gets hanged completely...
    so,i formatted my pc...installed the latest drivers again...but it still din't fact this time,even the movies weren't getting good graphics...
    then,i removed my graphic card and ran my pc with its onboard graphic card i.e ATI Radeon HD 4290....this time everything ran are running absolutely it a PSU issue???or should i replace my graphic card??
  11. What I did-

    Download a benchmark program (I had 3DMark06 at the time, I believe you can get 3DMark11 now). Run it without changing anything in your computer to make sure it crashes every time.
    Try running with just one stick of RAM in. Then switch them. If it works fine with one of the sticks and not the other, you've got defective RAM. That's what happened to me. RMA'd it and have had no problems since.
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