SSD Losing space when I install anything onto HDD

I recently installed W7 into my Solid State hard drive. I lose space on this ssd when I install steam games onto my extra hdd, which is installed on the extra hdd along with the steam installation game directory. Only the OS and some other software is on the solid state, steam and all the games are on the larger 2nd hard drive.

I really do not want to reinstall the os, how can I fix this? I cannot pinpoint where the lost space is coming from, what folder is being filled.
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  1. First check to see if you have things set up like this.

    Second, you need to realize that even though you install a program to the HDD, it is still going to stick a bunch of stuff in the Windows directory. That is just the way most Windows software works.

    I am assuming you have a 60gb SSD as most people are opting for 120gb for this very reason.
  2. I do have a 64 GB solid-state drive, but is there any way I could disable the Windows directory temporarily while I install games so that nothing is installed accidentally onto the solid-state?
  3. The programs are made to look for those files in a certain place. Installing them elsewhere will not work. Once again, it is just the way Windows is designed.
  4. that's really sad then,seems like a big design flaw
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