7850 oc

hi guys
i have a sapphire 7850 OC 1GB card
i try to OC it with the CCC and hit the max..1050/1450
but when i try to open Medal of Honor..it open and load for 10 sec after tht it get hang and has to restart :(
any help with the OC...?
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  1. hey,

    Get something like MSI afterburner. Then try the overclock, and if it is not stable bump up your voltage a bit. Be careful with your voltage however, if it gets too high it can damage your card. Run a benchmark like unigine heaven, and then a couple of games to ensure everything is stable.

    Also what are you system specifications? What is the current voltage on your hd7850?
  2. http://prntscr.com/jcawf
    pic .. i m new in oc.. so dont no wht to do...
  3. is CCC not good for OC ??
  4. MSI afterburne i did the same.. 1050/1450 (did not touch the V)
    same thing happen :(
    any help
  5. You might have to up the voltage a bit then. Its like OCIng a cpu, you need more power to compensate for a higher clock
  6. Hey, take the voltage, and move it up just a bit, try moving it up the lowest value possible. Then test it out. If it continues to happen bump up the voltage a bit further. This should stabilize it.
  7. any idea how much i should go up ?
  8. I would bump it up by just a bit. Stay under ~1.18v.
  9. with 1.18 V how much OC i can do ?
    with out OC i m running at full load come 900/1200=1.138 V
  10. no other way to oc..if i go with V..my graphic life mide come down...
  11. That doesn't really matter.

    By the time the card dies (4-5 years) you'll most likely have an entirely new system.
  12. Don't worry too much about the life of the GPU, as long as you don't add too much voltage it will be fine. As amuffin said by the time it dies you will have a new system.
  13. i see...
    any idea with 1.18 V...how much core/memory i can OC ?
  14. Just put it to 1.18 and test incraments of 10mhz at a time. EVERY CARDS DIFFERENT. we cant give you a definite answer so stop asking for one.

    Test it out yourself and do the work.
  15. ok..
    so for increasing the V i will do it from bios or msi afterburn ?
  16. Set it to 1.18v in MSI afterburner, and set your previous overclock settings in afterburner. Then run a stress test. If it is stable, increase your core clock by 10mhz and stress test again. Keep increasing the clocks until you either are unstable or the temperature it too high, but with that voltage your temperature will be fine, so there is not too much to worry about.
  17. ok
    i try to unlock the core voltage but it is not unlocking...
  18. your card might have locked voltage
  19. so how to unlocked it ..from bios ??
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