Need advice on loop setup.

Okay, so I will be upgrading my system to Ivy Bridge and have a Asrock Z77 OC formula. At the same time I will upgrading and changing my water cooling loop to move from a the XSPC Rasa 750L pump/res combo to a Swiftech MCP655B w/ an EK top. My current loop setup will be:
Res-> Pump -> 120mm Rad -> CPU -> 240mm Rad -> AMD 6990 -> 360mm Rad -> Res

Now my question is it worth it to include my motherboard's chipset block in the cooling loop. The OC Formula comes with an included Air/Water cooling block, only issue is that the block has 3/8in ID non-removable barbs and the rest of my loop is 1/2in ID. I was thinking that I would use a Y-Splitter after the 120mm rad and another one before the CPU block. This way I sort have a side loop just for the chipset and it would enter back into my main loop before the CPU. Would this hinder my flow rate too much? Would it even work (thinking that water travels the path of least resistance)?
Loop setup with chipset block:
Res -> Pump -> 120mm Rad ->Y-Splitter------->---->Y-Splitter->CPU-> 240mm Rad -> AMD 6990 -> 360mm Rad -> Res

Any advice would be appreciated. I know that with this particular board the heatsink combined with the air cooling is enough for the chipset, but I figure if I have the option and parts to include it my loop, why not.
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    No point in W/c'ing the chipset really and doing it that way would be bad in itself, if you were to cool it, do it in series, I'd leave it aircooled, maybe stick an led in the barb holes :P
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  3. Thanks for you reply. Yeah I figured it wouldn't work out great like that, I just didn't want to hinder the performance of my entire loop just to cool the chipset. Really I was just looking for someone to tell me no. I like your thinking with the LED on the block. The heatsink has just enough space to fit one underneath it, it would probably have a cool effect. Thanks for the idea.
  4. No problem man, and thank you for B.a.
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