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So my computer recently started displaying no picture on its monitor. However, when I turn on the computer it sounds like not every device is powering up. So I opened up the computer and tested every connector on the power supply with a multimeter. I read that when I short out pins 15 and 16, the fan is supposed to start to spin, but it does not. However, with these two pins shorted out, I was able to take voltage measurements of the pins on every other plug, and the measurements fell within the tolerance ranges. Once I plug the 20-pin plug back into the the Mobo and power on the computer, the fan starts to spin but the CPU is so quiet that I feel like everything is not powering up. What does this mean? Where do I stand?
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  1. The cpu has no moving parts. I think you mean something else. :D

    What is the brand and model number of your power supply?

    Is the pc system working now?
  2. Sorry, I didn't mean the CPU. I meant the parts enclosed in the computer case.

    The power supply is the one that came with my desktop computer, and it is an NPS-250KB.

    The computer is not currently working. I am still unable to get an image on the monitor.
  3. Here is a link to a no boot/no video check list and suggestions that one of the Tom's Hardware veterans posted.

  4. a 250w dell power supply is what i think u are using by a little googling of the model number. am i correct? what are your system specifications?
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