Windows 7 x64 - Aero stopped working when using 2 displays, nvidia gtx260

So... I realised my windows 7 stopped looking as lush as it originally did when I connected up my lcd hannspree tv through hdmi.

The aero features are still all selected and enabled however the actual display is that of the reduced standard theme without translucent start bars etc.

Can anyone help?
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  1. it sometimes does that when its trying to run an older XP mode program. sometimes it also askes you if youd like to turn it off do to low system performance. did someone use your computer that might have clicked "yes" to taking off aero automatically?
  2. *solved* I figured out and thought I edited this last night... the lcd tv was for some reason set to 16bit colour... changed it to 32bit and hey presto. Aero is back! :).

    Thanks though steadfast :). I did try everything else... multiple driver installs etc. I think Microsoft want to even make note of this, as they couldn't pick anything up with the troubleshooting transparency however its something quite simple that effects its operation!
  3. Thank you soooo much. no one knew what was wrong and bam. 16 bit to 32 bit solved it.. god why can't the stupid people at windows check for these in their "repair" tool.. stupid they don't know this.

    Thanks again. :)
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