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Can sli run four GPUs or three, same question regarding xfire.
also if the answer is four does that mean the sickest gaming pc in the world would run four 5870s? and also if a 5970 only uses one pci slot why couldnt four be used?
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  1. yes you can use four gpu's

    in the case of ATI its colloquially known as 'quadfire'
  2. Software that doesn't take full advantage of the hardware is the main issue nowdays. Even when using a basic dual GPU setup for example you only get 40-70% more fps on average, that even on an i7 920 setup.
    Sooooo yeah ... you could have a quad GPU setup but trust me ... you most likely won't , especially when adding a third GPU to the mix only results in a 10- 20% fps increase.
    Nevertheless you will see an increase in the min fps which is in my opinion the important factor. here you'll find a proper motherboard that can accommodate ... well ... let's just say that this one will do ... for now :pt1cable:
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