Need help on deciding final parts

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  1. I think he should just get RX360 kit
  2. I'll second that mate, nice and easy for his first loop, and make sure he goes upgrade on the pump, that way he can add another rad later for some clocking headroom
  3. Thanks will do i am still trying to reason with him about watercooling his 670's it's pointless temps never go above 65C and the voltage is locked no reason to watercool them imo i will see what happens if he wants my help though hes going to have to stop being stubborn lol
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    Meh, if he wants to let him, just explain those fullcover $100+ blocks are worthless once he upgrades cards and the need for more radspace
    I agree if volts are locked theres no real 'need' to w/c them, but like my rig, its not always about need
  5. Will do thanks for the help Moto
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  7. No probs mate, thank you for B.a. :)
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