Whats the relationship between GPUs and CPUS

I was reading some reviews and benchmarks and people kept saying your cpu sucks to much to run crossfire 5870s. my question is whats the relationship between the cpu speed and your gpu. THANKS !
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  1. From what I know, everything is transferred from your HDD (where the data is) to your RAM (so it can easily be accessed by your CPU) your CPU then sorts that data and sends it where it needs to go (ie it sends the data to your sound card, video card etc.)

    So if your CPU cant sort stuff quickly, your GPU isn't getting the information quick enough.
  2. ^^ simple and strait to the point
  3. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/build-balanced-platform,2469.html

    These articles will help shed some light to your question with some hard numbers.

    Id say most people eyeball / make a judgment call on the grahpics vs cpu, obviously a dual core 2.0ghz is going to bottleneck dual 5870s. But what about a 4ghz dual core? A bit harder to tell.
  4. For gaming, the CPU handles most of the actual computation that is needed to "set up" each individual frame for the GPU to render, and the GPU takes that data and creates the actual image.

    Natrually, if one is slower then the other, you lose performance; a slower CPU will leave the GPU waiting for extra data, and a slow GPU won't be able to process all the information that a CPU sends.
  5. Also note that it is impossible to actually match up a gpu and cpu.

    So if someone mentions the bottleneck word, ask them to back it up with data and then laugh at them as they most likely fail.
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