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I've just noticed by mobo isn't recognizing my fans from the case are plugged in. I've daisy chained them together, and there is a 4 pin connector so I plug that into the mobo and the system won't boot? I un-plug it an it boots! What am I doing wrong? I've read on the internet that the 4pin is an output and shorts the mobo when plugged in but at the same time the 4pin lets the fan speed move up an down. Can someone explain what's wrong here?
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  1. Daisy chained them together?

    Can you post a pic?
  2. I have two fans on the side of the case and I've plugged those into the exhaust fan then plugged the exhaust fan into the powersupply, and there is a 4 pin connector which is assume is for the fan control - so I plug that into a 4 pin on my motherboard and the pc won't boot :(
  3. What kind of case, PSU, and motherboard?

    OK, let's see if I have this correct. The case fans have 4 pin molex connectors. You have daisy chained them (plugged them all together), then plugged them into one of the power supply connectors. you turn on the system and they all run at full speed, right?

    Where does the four pin connector come from and what motherboard connector do you plug it into?

    If the 4 pin connector comes from the PSU, it needs to go into a specific motherboard connector. In this case, the connector is designed to let the motherboard temperature control the PSU fan only. It will not control any of the fans plugged into the PSU.
  4. I'm using a z77 ds3h, a 500w core X stream power supply in a CiT Vantage case. And the 4 pins comes from the front intake fan, and i plug that into the sys_fan1 on the motherboard which is a 4pin header. And you're right about the fans thats exactly what I've done, no idea about them running at max speed as they're pretty
  5. *quiet
  6. Need pics.
  7. You cannt run more than 1 fan off the fan 1 header on the MB , you can daisy chain them to rum off the psu molex connector though
  8. You can run more than one fan on a single header if you use a splitter.

    I'm doing it right now on two different rigs.

    You just have to make sure you don't go over the max current for the header.
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