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Core clock, FSB, NB clocks, memory bus, volts, all jumping around

Last response: in CPUs
April 19, 2010 7:33:36 PM

as i stated in the thread, my core clocks, my FSB clocks, my hypertransport, my memory bus, my cpu volts, are jumping around like crazy, and it just started yesterday, i have CnQ disabled, i am doing some overclocking. i thought maybe it was a bad ram module, but according to memtest i have no problems with my memory. i have had random restarts in the past and BSODs, and some investigating said it was a power failure. i have swapped mobos thinking maybe the northbridge was having problems, since it does get really hot, but mobo change and but its still fluctuating, not as bad on my ASUS as my gigabyte, but its still jumping around. i dont THINK its a heat problem either, i have a xigmatek cooler and even on the hottest days, it never gets over 50C on the hottest days, usually around 41C idle..i have been searching for hours for an answer to my problem, and cant find anything, so i decided i would just ask the pros

im thinking its a power supply problem, but i really dont want to buy a new power supply, and that not fix the problem, because i dont have another one laying around to just test and see

Athlon 7750 Kuma dual core overclocked to 3.1ghz / Xigmatek cooler with AC5
Gigabyte MA770-UD3 / ASUS m3a78-cm - gigabyte standard mobo
Kingston HyperX T1 DDR2 1066 4GB / 2 x 2Gb sticks 5-5-5-15
Rosewill RP5502 550 watt power supply - tier 3 according to reports, and rosewill RP2 power supplies are supposed to be semi decent..or so i thought
BFG 9800GTOC with Akasa Vortexx neo GPU cooler / just installed about 5 days ago, temps are 40idle / 50 load - it was 60idle 80-90c load
Hitachi 1Tb hard drive
LG blu ray burner
Cooler master case - 3 120mm blue LED fans / temps are really low inside the case, even on hot days, never more than 40C on the mobo
April 19, 2010 7:57:17 PM

i also just want to note, when i go in game, like WoW for instance, my cpu clocks jump DOWN to around 1600mhz, instead of using full load, and my game is lagging really bad, taking a while to load, load the toons running around, all sorta of problems..the game used to just load, all the toons load, and everything almost its taking it a while to even load everything up! this is so frustrating