Hyper 212+ VS H100 temps - Is the h100 worth it?

Title tells all. Wondering if the h100 is worth the extra money and what the temps are for each if anyone can find some tests including each of them. Thank you.
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  1. Well my opinion is the H100 is not worth the extra money. I'm just making a rough guess but I would say you may experience around 15 degrees of difference at most. I may be over exaggerating but either way the Hyper 212 is one of the best coolers for price/performance. Are you planning to overclock?
  2. Yes I plan to OC in the future.
  3. Well honestly, the Hyper 212 will be enough for a decent overclock. Have you a specific figure for overclocking?
  4. Kind of. Hoping to get a 3570k to around 4.5ghz. I have never done this before so if there is something I should know in terms of this goal I am listening.
  5. Well you might exceed the safe temperature range with that overclock depending on your voltage and the thermal paste you use. Anyways if you want an air cooler better than the H100 (by a bit) and Hyper 212 but at the price of an H100 look for the Noctua DH-14. It will get that job done at 4.5 ghz but it may not fit in your computer case, its best if you list it here.
  6. HAF X
  7. Is the phanteks I have been hearing is pretty similar to the nhd14 at least as good. If it is I would rather do that than the nhd14 because it is just so fuckin ugly while the phanteks has attractive colors
  8. Ahaha, I think I was on a thread where the OP did complain about its ugliness. Yes there are phanteks coolers that perform just as good or even better. Did you have a specific one in mind? Or you want me to find you one?
  9. Cannot look at it because newegg is having server problems =( But as long as it is better or as good as the performance of whatver is bertter out of the nhd14 and the h100, I think we have a winner. I will have a better opinion when I can actually see it though lol.

    EDIT: Just looked at T.H. bechmarks you linked and yes I believe we have a winner indeed. Thank you, my good sir.
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    You sure newegg is having server problems? Links work fine for me.

    Try this link from the Canadian part of Newegg:

    and here is a review:
  11. And all PH-TC14PE models will perform the same right? UFB or not, and the color does not matter i assume (only asking as sometimes they look similar but a company uses a different color as indication of a different model)
  12. Lol wrong account there my bro and i share a pc right now =P
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  14. Interesting, there was an answer the whole time on the Phanteks website and it even compares itself to the H100 :lol:
    Anyways there are 4 colours and they don't really signify and model changes, it's just to suit your colour needs which is neat.

    I copied this, credit goes to the OP of this :
    So why am I recommending this huge, hard to install and expensive CPU cooler?
    Because it excels at one thing:
    It offers outstanding cooling performance, while making not much noise.
    The Phantek PH-TC14PE is considered one of the, if not THE best CPU Cooler on the market, outside of $250+ custom water-cooling setups.
    While the Corsair H100 offers ever so slightly better cooling performance, it does that at the expense of noise, being way more noisy than the Phantek PH-TC14PE.
    That’s right: Not only does the Phantek PH-TC14PE offers top-notch cooling performance, but it does that while being pretty quiet.
    It’s compatible with both LGA1155 and LGA2011 platforms, hence why it’s recommended for all Tiers.
    Available in four colors: It is available in four colors, with both the heatsink and the fans that are colored, allowing you to pick the color that will suit your build the best.
    - White
    - Red
    - Blue
    - Orange
    Get a free PWM external adaptor:
    Phanteks are giving away PWM external adaptors for their PH-TC14PE CPU cooler. The PWM external adaptor will convert the PH-F140 fan into a PWM controlled fan. This will allow you to achieve silent or maximum performance automatically.
    The new PWM external adaptor can be requested free of charge here, for all current Phanteks owners. Only a proof of purchase is required. Future shipments of PH-TC14PE series will include the PWM adapter.
    Why not go with a liquid-cooling CPU Cooler, such as the Corsair H100?
    There are a few reasons not to go with a liquid-cooling CPU Cooler:
    - Similar cooling performance, but with a much higher noise level, compared to high-end air CPU coolers.
    - Higher cost ($110 for Corsair H100 vs ~$90 for high-end air CPU Cooler)
    - More possible points of failure (pump, tubing and fans vs only fans)
    - Risk of a leak, which can damage many other components!
    In the end, a high-end air CPU Cooler is less likely to fail, cannot possibly leak liquid/damage other components, offers similar cooling performance with less noise and costs less

    Original link:
  15. The h100 is a strong all in one cooler. albeit a bit pricey. the H100 is effective, but has loud fans and reports of the water making noise in the tubing(which was adressed with the new H100i along with better tubing)
  16. ^^ (at the advertise) LoL
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