Theoretical limit of Hard drives on PCIE 2.0 card

My question has to do with creating lets say a RAID 0 on a PCIE 2.0 8x controller card, this card

If I set up a RAID 0 with 4 SSD SATA 6.0 500 MB/S R/W hard drives, will I be limited by the SATA controller, or will I be able to take advantage of the speeds of the PCIE 2.0 bus? If so, how come? eitherway.
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    PCIe 2.0 has a 500MB/s per lane limit, so an x8 card would be 4000MB/s, see HERE.

    SATA III transfers up to 6Bbps, or about 600MBps with overhead, see HERE.

    So 4 SSDs saturating their SATA III connection would still not exceed the PCIe 2.0 specification by a significant margin. Even in the real world it doesn't appear that your peak rates would be hindered.
  2. Cool, I knew this I just had know way of proving it. I was not able to find anything on the internet about PCIe 2.0 Specs and lane limits. All I found was information saying that it had a 6Gb/s limit which did not make sense.
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