Anyone think ill be able to find a 5870 for 300 bucks when fermi comes

ya think ?
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  1. Id say no. Nvidia does not seem to have the history of pricing their new cards (especially their high end ones) at the most competitive price points. Also many people believe that upon the launch date Nvidia won’t have that many to sell thus the price of the cards will increase and stay up for many months until manufacturing the cards catches up with demand. At most and unlikely ATI might take a token $10-20 off its high end assuming the new Fermi cards are competitively priced.
  2. I will be interested to see what sort of availability there is at launch as it was reported that there were some improvements to the process which allowed ATI to ship more cards so that would mean the same for nvidia i would have thought.
    As they have yet to ship they should have at least a small stock to push out the door at launch with teh flow maybe getting steady later ?

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