Is my CPU overclocked?

hey there guys. my rig is:
intel core i3 530 @ 2.93Ghz
mobo: asus p7h55
ram: corsair XMS3 8Gb at 1600 MHZ
GPU: Xfx GT240.

ok here is the thing. yesterday i enabled the XMP profile from the bios bcoz my Ram and mobo supports it and this is for what my ram is designed for but the other thing that i noticed before and after enabling xmp is that the core speed of my processor has increased considerably. like before enabling xmp bios was showing core clock at 2933mhz which is i think quite normal but after enabling xmp it shot up to 3040mhz and CUPz is showing my QPI link at 3520mhz with multiplyer at 19. which means my CPU is running at 3.52 ghz instead of 2.93. this thing kinda concerns me. i mean to ask you guys that is this normal or is there something else that i did wrong. i want my CPU to run at 2.93ghz with my ram clocking at 1600mhz. is this possible? all i did was i went to Al tweaker in the bios and enabled xmp. and i touched nothing else. thank you guys
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  1. Check the FSB setting in the BIOS. I think they should be at 100Mhz for Intel, if not then 200 for sure. Any other number means that the settings have been changed. The i3 is listed as supporting DDR3 1066 and 1333Mhz RAM, so I think that when you bumped up the speed using XMP it did it with the FSB which means the CPU goes up as well. It shouldn't be a huge issue, the overclock should give you a nice performance boost, and same with the RAM speed. Check your temps, if they are below 60 for a good amount of use, or even high use, then you don't need to worry. If you want the speed back to normal, put the FSB back, and manually up the speed of the RAM and increase the RAM voltage for stability.
  2. when you changed the XMP profile. that might of ofset things
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