Can i add a tv tuner?
this is my system and i was wondering a few things, 1 if i can add a t.v tuner to this pc and if i can which would be the best buy? 2, my s.s.d card isn't showing up and even when i first turned on my computer it only showed having 1.3T space when i should have a 1.5T and a 128g s.s.d card also. I've opened it up and its in there i can see it but i can't tell if its hooked up and i don't want to pull n it to much to see if it is. 3, is 37C degrees high for playing on games for a couple hour or more it did run at around 34C when i first got about a month ago. i know 3c sin't much but im concered if it keeps oging up a few degree every month this wont we good. any answers would be helpful thanks.
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  1. Well first, yes you can add a TV Tuner card to your PC. As far as the best one, it depends on what you plan to do with it. If you can be a little more specific, I'd be happy to guide you a little there if you need it. As far as the SSD goes, it could be a few things. Not to insult, but are you looking in the right place on your PC? Could you ever see it? And, I wouldn't worry about your temps, your ambient might have risen. 37C while gaming is perfectly fine with your setup.
  2. thanks so much for the replay, i don't take it as a insult just help. I'm pretty sure i am looking in the right place bottom right corner where my other hard drive is, i can read s.s.d on it so i'm pretty sure it is it but i don't want to pull it out anymore then a tiny bit because the cords seem so tight if there are any pictures i can send you to help just ask and for the tv tuner i just want the best hd t.v that i can have i have satalite t.v downstairs so if i can use that or a cable to hook it up or anything so i can get some t.v. all i really want are the basic channels tho abc nbc stuff like that.
    thanks for the response.
  3. Well, I'm not sure how your machine looks, so let's try this. Hit Windows Key and Pause/Break at the same time. Then, go to Device Manager. Then, expand the disk drives arrow. Should see some goodies in there, and hopefully you can see your SSD in there. If not, chances are it's not getting picked up by your machine.

    As far as Tuners go, this one works.

    I have a TV Tuner card, but I don't really know much about them, so maybe someone can point out a better one :)
  4. if you click on the link on the first message i write it takes you to my computer i got and if you go to pictures you can see what it looks on the inside almost the same on mine. i did what you said and its showing me 5 usb devices and one hard drive which is my T1.5 one . Now since i'm pretty sure its not hooked up what should i do? take it out and reconnect myself i really don't want to send my computer back because I've heard some real bad stories of how long it can take and problems even trying to get it back so is there anything else i can do tog et my ssd drvie working? thanks for the help and i ordered that tv tuner.
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    Glad you got your tuner. If you need any help installing it, just pop a question. As for your disk, could be something as simple as it being unplugged. Turn your PC off, and turn the switch on the back of your PSU to the off position. Leave the cord plugged in, however, so you have a good ground. Unplug both cables, and replug them in making sure they're firmly attached. Also check your SATA cable where it plugs into the mainboard. Try that and let us know how it goes.
  6. 1st! what would u want to do with the tv tuner - record media content onto your pc or would u just want to watch tv? Because i think, if all ur going to do is watch tv then i dont think giving ur pc un-needed stress isnt wise. As you can notice a built in tv tuner would need you to power up ur pc. While an external tv box would jus need your monitor on.

    For your TV tuners - you can try and look into Hauppauge



    and Pinnacle Studios -

    i tried out the avermedia series and they arent that bad, just dont go for the USB version tv tuner. It somehow burns out in a few months time. I persoanlly have an Avermedia - AverTv Box Genie I has LCD support for 1680x1050
  7. I had the same thought! But, who wants to just watch TV when they can record it too?!
  8. thanks for the replies, i do want to record tv but i don't want to stress my computer out too much i have a 1000w power supply so shouldn't that be good for now . as for monitors i have a 32inch and a 26 inch hooked up side by side i that matters and i'm running 1780 by 992 resolution or something close to that on my 32 inch but id don't fit right. but the next one up is to big. i'm going to try what you said tomorrow and see how it goes jack thanks again for all your guys help.
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  10. thanks so much for your help guys i got my ssd card to work and my tv tuner should be here any day. thanks again.
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