My current system is as follows

Asus a8n-32Sli
Opteron 175 @2.9ghz
OCZ Gold XTC DDR500 2GB Ram
Evga 7800GTX
x2 36.7GB Raptors Raid 0
x2 1TB

I'm getting ready to upgrade to i3 or i5 by June, but I was looking at buying a SSD now, the 60GB Corsair force 3 SataIII drive now. I don't think I will have any problems, but I just wanted to make sure.
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  1. I would recommend a samsung 830 64gb for boot drive, I have one and am very pleased with it
  2. I'm lookign at the corsair because it's on sale at frys. How bad will the fall off be in read and write speeds, since the motherboard I'm currently using is only a sata 1 port.
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    Your sequential read/write speeds will be capped by sata 1 speeds (so about 130 -140MB/s) but you'll still get full benefit of random read/write speeds and low latency of the ssd.
  4. Biostar SATA III 6G b/s 2 port PCI Express Internal Controller Card Model DCS3A

    I bought one of these because the motherboard that I have only has two sata3 ports and I have four sata3 hdd's , it works and if you have a spare x1 pci-e slot then you can use this untill you get your new board and after if need be. I have a Corsair Force GT SSD in there and it gives the full rated speed of the SSD.
  5. The drive you select would depend entirely on what motherboard you select. If you upgrade to a motherboard with SATAIII ports or if you purchase a RAID card then I would purchase either an OCZ Vertex 3 or an Intel 620. OCZ drives are typically extremely fast, but they sometimes have complications with Intel Rapid Storage drivers and require some excessive tweaking to perform at their posted specs. Intel drives I have found to be incredibly reliable but fairly expensive for what you are getting.
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