Need advice on video card configuration

I just bought a MSI 790fx which has 4 pci express (2 16x 2 8x) slots. I have a MSI ddr3 1 gb 4670 card now. My friend has a DDR2 XFX 1 gb 4670 card I could get for free. His windows index rating is 5.8 and mine is 6.8. Would crossfiring the 2 cards be worth it because of the offset of running at DDR2 because of the XFX video card? For the long run which setup would be best 4 4670s (could fit because of size) 2 5750s? or 2 4870s?
AZZA solano case.
AZZA 730 watt power supply. (25 volts rails)
MSI 790FX-gd70 board.
500 gb WD blue HD.
AMD 965 125 Watt black edition.
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  1. Well I was hoping you could match the 4670 with something stronger - but apparently it is not compatible with the bigger cards - you may have already known this tho here is the chart:

    I have not seen any reviews on the advantages and disadvantages of having a lot of small cards, but I think you would be better off in the long run with two large ones - whatever the budget can reasonable afford given your needs.

    What size monitors are you trying to drive?

    If you need the power, I would be more inclined to go with 2 5770s - if a budget issue just get one now and add the other later when you can. Depending on your monitior, you might find teh 5770 satisfies you for awhile by itself anyway.
  2. I have a samsung t260 which doesn't have a great response time (5ms) I ordered a HIS 5770 for 153$ to the door from newegg. I seen where the 4870 outperforms it a little but decide to trade it for the direct x 11 and power consumption advantage. I've never dealt with HIS but it received 4 eggs so I hope I'm ok and the drivers for windows 7 ultimate and the card don't conflict. Thanks for your help!
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