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Hi folks, I recently got a new computer all put together, including an OCZ 60gb SSD and a Itb HDD. The first time I installed windows 7, I installed it to the ssd and everything, but the sata controller in the bios was set to IDE, so I reinstalled with the sata controller in ACHI, and it seems fine, but for one thing. My SSD is drive C in the computer menu, and there is no D. When I go to the storage management menu, the drive is listed there as an active, system, primary partition, but with no name. Is this right? What I would like to have happen is the data obviously be mostly stored on the HDD and all, but I don't know if what I did was correct.

Please advise.
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  1. so your 1td hdd is not recogized by windows even thou it has been formatted?
  2. Yes it has been formatted, and I guess it isn't recognized? Even though it is in the drive management menu? also, when downloaded and installed avg antivirus, the amount of data on both drives went up. Is this a good sign?
  3. most likely it just needs to be assigned a drive letter. This can be done through diskpart, or drive utilities like easeus.
  4. Reformat the 1tb drive in windows managment, under administrator tools in the control panel
  5. CaedenV said:
    most likely it just needs to be assigned a drive letter. This can be done through diskpart, or drive utilities like easeus.

    you dont need any 3rd party software to assign a drive letter.... Best way to go about it and ensuring drive stability is to reformat.
  6. Ok, so I tried to format the drive in the administrative tools in the manager, but it says the system drive can't be formatted. I also was fooling around with the bios and found that it boots from the HDD rather than the SSD... almost as if they're set up backwards. Would this have anything to do with the fact that I have the HDD installed as drive 0 and the SSD as 1? I've been seeing that they should be the other way... Should I switch the sata III ports they're plugged into and format/reinstall windows?
  7. When I stalled my Corsair 128 GB SSD I was able to assign it a drive letter, format it, and add a volume (partition) within Windows storage/disk management. And I agree with the post suggesting a new format be done.
  8. Usually in the bios there are two places where there is a list of the order for the hdd's and the one you know about which is the boot sequence and the other being storage devices , in both places you want the SSD to be listed first and for the other hdd to be not listed at all.
    In disk management not only do you want to see the drive listed there you also want it to say that the partition is active and healthy , if you don't see that then the drive has not been partitioned and you cannot write data to it.
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    Install the OS to the SSD with the SSD on SATA _0 when the HD is not connected (disconnect data cable). Onc e ya finish all the updates , turn system off, connect the data cable to SATA_1 and then go to disk management
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