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Hi! So this afternoon I was downloading an update for my iTunes, and since I have very low virtual memory left on my computer it could not complete. So I tried to cancel it, and then it froze. I was unfortunatly impatient and just turned my computer off due to it freezing. When I went to go turn it back on a few hours later the "Dell" loading screen would show up then dissapear leaving me only with a black/dark blue screen. Help please!!
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  1. Well when you turn a computer off like that it will cause system files to become corrupt and broken. You do that enough windows will just not function you probably have to do a clean install but you might be able to do a repair install first.
  2. I figured so. How do I go about that? And is there any possibility I could have wiped out any of my files.. Thanks!
  3. All your files should be intacted if you want you can download a bootable linux disk and backup everything before you wipe it out.
  4. As SAAIELLO says, just use a Ubuntu CD in live mode to save your stuff to a CD or external drive, then use the Dell recovery option to put it back to the way it was when you got it out of its box.
  5. So in order to get my computer working again I'm going to have to wipe everything out? Sorry-- I guess I'm not as tech-savy as I thought I was!
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