Biostar A760g M2+ USB 2.0 Issue

Hey everyone, I recently got a biostar a760g m2+ motherboard and everything works great, except for the rear USB 2.0. Nothing seems to work in them. I tried to update the USB driver from the Biostar website, however, whenever I try to install it, it says the driver cannot be installed, any ideas as to how to fix this issue of non-working rear USB 2.0 connections? Thanks for any information.
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    Check the windows device manager in the control panel. Look for any conflicts and uninstall any device with a mark next to it, then try rebooting and let windows search for the driver.
  2. Yea, apparently everything is "working" I checked the device manager and apparently everything is up to date when I tell it to search the internet for new drivers. This was an as-is or for parts only board, maybe the USB just doesn't work and I'll have to get an internal USB 2.0 card?
  3. Dose anyone have any idea? Is it possible the USB just doesn't work? lol.
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