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I instal win7 everything was going good then after some time i check for windows update started updating and copying some files, then pc freeze blue screen and i could not boot.I tried using that hdd on older pc but then it all goes into slow motion and i cant see hdd but its there in bios, next i tried connecting hdd when that pc was on and scan for hardware changes i can see him but i cant access and again win start to go slow.Next i boot some mini xp and i saw hdd but when i started copy files hdd shuts down then power up i can transfer few files before he shuts down again it just goes in circles, hdd is WD 500gb WD5000AAKS

Anything i can do to fix it or its over? thanks
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  1. Goto WD and download Datalifeguard. Run the diagnostics on the drive. Sounds like its starting to fail. They have a dos bootable CD image.
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