Should I liquid or Air cool?


I currently have an amd A8-3850 with a cheap heatsink. When it is under load (bf3) it can go up to 67 degrees Celsius.
My understanding is that is a little too high.

I need a low budget ($100 tops) quick solution.

Should I water cool it? Or get a really good heatsink?

If you can simply please recommend some good coolers. I do plan on overclocking in near future as well (Not drastically)

Oh, and my motherboard is a FM1 Socket, so if it can please be compatible :)

Thanks for any help !
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  1. hyper 212 evo
  2. +1 for the Hyper 212. Super efficient. Cheap. All around great HSF.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Will that be sufficiant enough for overclocking in a small/mid case? I have the Rosewill blackbone
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    Should be fine with that case as long as you have decent airflow, keep the front fan as intake and the rear as exhaust. You also have a bit of a tight fit with the hyper 212 but nonetheless it should fit in with that case. Also consider using an alternate fan for the other side of the heatsink so you can create the push-pull effect which can make a difference of 2-5 degrees in terms of CPU temperature which is quite big if you are trying to overclock to the max.
  5. thanks
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